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Cloud based solutions have proved to bring down overall infrastructure, operating and capital expenses of many fortune 500 organizations.  Cloud computing enables your organization to take advantage of the readily available web based applications and services which can be deployed rapidly across shared servers and storage resources compared to traditional computing models. With the help of Sedatio solutions your organization can make the use of flexible business models allowing scalable services to be launched more effectively and efficiently anywhere around the globe without considering the size of the organization


Network is the core essential that links clouds around different locations. For dynamically delivering cloud based services and managing different content types, it is very essential to have strong fundamental infrastructure. Our unique Cloud network ensures a consistent delivery of cloud services and provides you flexibility to connect around the globe with public and community clouds. At Sedatio we work with our partners to provide you the best technology solutions and cloud services which work well with your present technology infrastructure which may include operating systems, storage, database, virtualization tools, management tools, enterprise application and middleware.

Building a Network:

With new application, devices and customers added every day, cloud based services are becoming more complex. To adapt to such a rapid and continuous change all clouds must connect to each other and the users to make sure that the services are consistently delivered. We at Sedation assure the most reliable and continuous service which meets or exceeds your expectations. With optimizing the sourcing of data and content we have implemented automation and network management techniques to build adaptable network domains to provide you with the best user experience.

Our Cloud Solutions offer the following


A cloud based network should easily be ale t scale to overall level of quantity required to ensure the smooth operations i.e. it can handle throughputs that might reach billions of packets per second.

High Performance:

Must provide good performance to large number of simultaneously running applications in a network

Extensile and low latency:

Should be easy to automate provision, maintain, monitor, upgrade and troubleshoot when it comes to real time upgrade management in a large network. Should deliver microsecond level latency across entire network which enhances performance of the application


As the scale of network increases, it becomes more critical for a network to have self-restorative properties where any faults needs to be contained

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