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On Demand Hosting based on what you need. We at Sedatio provide unique customized and hassle free hosting solutions and assure you a stable high performance system which let you focus on your business goals and targets and letting Sedatio take care of your business Infrastructure.

Our managed hosting provides dedicated, integrated environments with round the year 24*7 support of services, database, security, backup and monitoring. Sedatio managed hosting provides you with 


  • Unmatchable service and Support: When it comes to service and support, we stand different from others vendors in the market. With 24*7 availability throughout the year, we have our own direct support solution in place where you will be directly connected to a highly trained staff technician based on an issue you are experiencing, this will vary from technical support to architecture planning, risk assessments, performance optimization and many more support related topic

  • High level Performance: Our managed hosting solutions prioritize performance, reliability and security as there most important pillars of a successful managed hosting solution. We make use of the best available hardware and enterprise grade components in the market (Dell, Cisco and other top brands) to run your syste

  • Secure: Sedatio understand your security needs and its importance and offers a highly secured environment for managed hosting. We can help you achieve the Compliance related requirements like PCI, HIPAA and others. We have highly trained staff which would like to hear from you and work with you to understand your security needs. We assure full data protection and custom security solutions to all of our members

  • Highly trained and Experienced Staff: Sedation managed Hosting have a workforce which carries more than decade of experience and knowledge to provide you the best customer experience and technical edge with our services. In addition our staff provides training and other support solutions which is a part of our relationship driven approach to get the most satisfactory results


Backup services and Database Support: 

Reliable and a consistent backup solution is very essential of to maintain seamless business continuity. Our manage hosting with customized backup and recovery solution helps you to considerably reduce the internal efforts for regular backups and recovery. This includes leveraging the best and latest backup and high availability technologies in the industry.

We have specialized database services that assures highest level of performance and availability in addition to our dedicated DBA’s who work with your company to design, deploy and administer anyking of database solution which works well with you company requirements


Monitoring and Security:

For a system to operate smoothly with maximum availability and uptime, it is very important to have a continuous monitoring and control system in place. At Sedatio we work on delivering a unique, reliable and a proactive monitoring solution which not only responds and reports the errors or alerts but also atomized the resolution process for predefined errors. In addition our excellent reporting system will    help mitigating potential issues and help developing viable solutions to avoid risks.We use proven technologies for safeguarding an environment including the physical infrastructure that host it with continues upgrading and updating the system as per the threats. Our trained professionals understand your needs and work with you to create optimal security solution safeguarding your environment without affecting performance and flexibility of the operation  




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