Key Features

Sedatio – Make IT simple !

Sedatio offers you freedom from your IT worries.Sedatio is a platform that offers a wide variety of applications to your organization. It offers low cost packages of applications that small-to-medium organizations can subscribe to, thus eliminating traditional IT costs and headaches. Sedatio works with your organization to customize applications to your needs, using its scalable and extensible open source applications that come to you at no cost (FREE).

Sedatio is a platform created by a group of business leaders and technologists, who encountered and slashed IT costs across industries, using a variety of approaches. This experience led to the creation of Sedatio platform, using open-source software as a starting point for building a portfolio of commonly used applications.

Sedatio offers the following features :

  • A one-stop-shop solution to IT worries .
  • Elimination of traditional IT costs.
  • Allows organizations to focus on their competencies, growing the business.
  • Flexible growth models, which can support organizations of varying sizes.
  • Provides easy-to-work-with pricing models


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