How it works

We help you get set up quickly. The process is simple, and our experts help you with all details that you need, or care to get into.


 We believe in simplicity

  • The first step is for you to submit a no-risk application. This gets the process started. You can submit an application on our website, providing us basic information on what your business needs are. We will give you a call within 1 business day, and set up the requirements gathering interview with you as soon as you are available.
  • We follow this interview with an internal or a mutual review of your needs. Our analysis is followed up with a recommendation to you on the package that suits your business requirements.
  • You are final decision maker on what works for your business, our experts are constantly available with their objective advice. Our goal is your long-term satisfaction.
  • Once the functional requirements are completed, and package required is understood, our IT department gets to work to deliver it for you. We give you an estimate for a time of delivery. We keep our commitments on the estimated time of delivery. The Go-Live is preceded or followed up with a Training session with your team. We are happy to accommodate your schedule in most cases.
  • Finally, we stand behind what we deliver. You have access to support (Basic, Gold and Platinum). Basic support comes free with your package. Gold and Platinum support can be bought for small additional payments per month.

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