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iPhone and Android phones have taken the world by storm largely because of the applications that users are able to download and use on their phone. They provide instant information and provide customers with a direct way to contact a business from their iPhone or Android device. By using Sedatio, you can engage, inform, and impress your customers. 

Sedatio is making mobile apps affordable and simple for small businesses.An owner can start by picking an industry-specific template; there are offerings for restaurants, bars, gyms, and others.We do iPhone, iPad, HTML5, and Android app platform that allows any small business to simultaneously create, edit, and manage mobile apps online .We also provide solutions that are specifically designed to help build brand loyalty and create frequent buyers for your business with the use of our check in coupon system.Sedatio is the ideal solution for small businesses looking to create brand loyalty and frequent buyers. We do so by providing small businesses with a mobile application that rewards customers for frequent visits through coupon rewards that are unlocked using our “check in coupon system."

Apps Available on iPhone,iPad,Andoir and Mobile Web:

Sedatio allows you to simultaneously edit, and manage native iPhone, iPad, Android, and mobile web apps online.





 Customize the Mobile App Development:

Our team helps you to get the beautiful app design, customization, and functionality across a broad range of mobile devices.





Mobile apps designed for small businesses:

Sedatio was built from the ground up with small businesses in mind. From our ease of use to the features that we offer inside our apps.we are specifically designed for small businesses.





 Risk free - 30 day money back guarantee:

If you are unsatisfied with your mobile app within the first month of service, Sedatio guarantees to refund your payment. Sedatiois backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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