To Infinity and Beyond

I have grown much since I first started this blog. My junior year was a time when I needed to kick things into high gear, and so I joined many clubs, tried my skill in a few sports, and tackled many AP classes. In addition to these, I undertook the task of writing this blog, for I wanted to share my experiences and even some challenges I faced along the way. It has been quite a journey and I am glad to have shared it with you. However, I must now write this one final blog—a bittersweet moment.

During my junior year, my life was as hectic as it is now, if not more. Preparing for the ACT while juggling sports and classes can take a toll on a student. However, I found ways to survive and sometimes thrive under these conditions. I was glad to impart to you these little tips and tricks that helped me tremendously, for I do not want anyone to submit to this stress and stop trying—a thought that, I admit, has crossed my mind multiple times. Now we are down to the last stretch, so keep working towards your goals and make your senior year your best.

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Follow Your Dreams

Hello my dearest readers!

This is where our journey comes to a close. As you read this, know that this is my final writing for the ACT Student Blog. I have traveled a long way with all of my lovely and intelligent readers and had such an unforgettable experience writing for ACT. I have gained so much knowledge from this experience. I learned in depth so much more about the high school to college transition through this writing experience so I could pass on the information to you. While finding out more information to help my loyal readers, I found information that helped me too: the importance of preparing for finals, how to apply to colleges, and how to pick out your high school classes wisely.

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