Follow Your Dreams

Hello my dearest readers!

This is where our journey comes to a close. As you read this, know that this is my final writing for the ACT Student Blog. I have traveled a long way with all of my lovely and intelligent readers and had such an unforgettable experience writing for ACT. I have gained so much knowledge from this experience. I learned in depth so much more about the high school to college transition through this writing experience so I could pass on the information to you. While finding out more information to help my loyal readers, I found information that helped me too: the importance of preparing for finals, how to apply to colleges, and how to pick out your high school classes wisely.


This blog has helped me so much throughout the college application process because it inspired me to try harder and it motivated me to go above and beyond just so I could share all my exciting news with all of you! Writing this blog gave me the extra push I needed, especially throughout my senior year. It motivated me because I knew that if I was not caught up on my school and college tasks, then I simply could not write a blog on it!

I would like to thank my readers who have helped me through this process and I can only hope that I have helped you! I would be nowhere without Esmeralda, my mentor, who persuaded me to apply to be an ACT Student Blogger. This has been an awesome opportunity!

I hope that after all these blog entries I have taught you something. Just remember: procrastination is never the answer, stay focused on school (that means you too, seniors!), prepare yourself early for finals, and apply to college sooner rather than later. I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have.

I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors and hope you earn the admittance into the university of your dreams! I graduate this May and I hope to go on to an out-of-state university to study Marketing with a minor in Journalism and Dance. On a closing note, you are all wonderful and always follow your dreams. I wish you the best!

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